"Dawg Eat Dawg"- Cookbook by JEFF WORLEY & ROMAN GLICK (SIGNED)

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It’s no secret that JACKYL has been around for 30 years. We feel it is not just our pleasure but our duty to tell you, the fans, how we did it! Without further ado; DAWG EAT DAWG A Rock Star’s Guide to a Healthy Life while being the Life of the Party. This is the second book by lead guitarist, Jeff Worley (No Filter), who has now brought on board his partner in ‘road crimes’ bassist, Roman Glick for his unique input. Here we will cover badass workouts, delicious easy recipes for the road, kicking drinks, and weird food facts that will blow your mind! This wacky lifestyle book will give you a sneak peek into how we have survived rocking the world for more than a quarter of a century!


…Excerpt from Jeff Worley’s new upcoming book, “DAWG EAT DAWG: A Rock Star’s Guide to a Healthy Life!  While Being the Life of the Party!”



One of the main excuses I hear from people on the road, constantly traveling, or even those who have a fast-pace life style is that they don’t have time to eat healthy, so they eat bad fast-food. I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can still eat healthy foods while at fast-food places. While you won’t be jamming cheeseburgers down your gullet, you can have some decent food on the fly. Here is a list of all of the not so bad foods from your favorite grease pits!

~ Jeff Worley

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